Errol Miller got the toy he always wanted, but his cousin broke it

December 06, 2016
Errol Miller

Errol Miller, executive chairman of FLOW Foundation, got a brand new red fire truck one Christmas.

It was the toy he has always wanted, and so when the shiny new truck came along he was naturally exited.

Miller told THE STAR that at the time, it was the only toy he wanted. However, before he got acquainted with his fire truck, his cousin broke it.

"I am sure that a Christmas that would stand out for people is one that had a pleasant memory. I was sad," Miller said.

He told THE STAR that the red fire truck Christmas stood out because it was something he always wanted.

"My parents did not have much, but I was looking forward to it and they got me the toy I wanted, only to wake up Christmas morning and it was destroyed. She (cousin) wound up the key too much and broke the spring," Miller said.

The FLOW Foundation chairman, who grew up in Old Harbour Bay, St Catherine, said a lot has changed about the way people now celebrate Christmas compared to when he was a boy.

"When growing up, everybody would go directly to each other's houses and whatever food was on offer, we would share it. We would wander from home to home. That was what Christmas was like growing up in Old Harbour Bay. Nobody had a lot, but everybody was willing to share", he said.

Miller told THE STAR that today the process is more formalised.

"I don't see kids going from house to house now. We use to drink sorrel and eat fry fish, 'cause its Old Harbour Bay and we use to have an extra supply of fish in Christmas time."

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