Recounts start today

December 06, 2016
Francisco Bonner
Edwin Marr

Magisterial recounts for the Llandewey Division in Western St Thomas and the Ginger Ridge Division in St. Catherine West Central are scheduled to begin today.

The People's National Party's (PNP) Edwin Marr won the Llandewey division by eight votes in last Monday's election but the Jamaica Labour Party's Francisco Bonner has asked the court the recount the ballots.

There were 35 rejected ballots.

If the results in Llandewey is overturned, it would give the JLP control of the St Thomas Parish council.

The PNP and the JLP won five council seats each in the 10-seat council.

In Ginger Ridge where deputy mayor Ralston Wilson won by 16 votes over the JLP's Huiet Johnson, the court yesterday considered an application for a recount. The recount begins today. 

 There were 24 rejected ballots.

The magisterial recount for the Toll Gate Division in Clarendon South Western, is scheduled for tomorrow. The JLP's Radcliffe McDonald, in the final count, won by a margin of one vote. 

There were 23 rejected ballots.

However, for the Salt Spring Division in West Central St James, the St. James Resident Magistrates’ court was told yesterday that the candidate for the PNP, Sylvan Reid, was not served. A new date has been set for Monday, December 12.

Yesterday, Charles Sinclair, chairman of Jamaica Labour Party Area Council Four, questioned whether  Reid was willing to make himself available for the recount.

"We are confident of victory and we suspect Mr Reid is simply trying to delay the inevitable,” Sinclair said.

Reid won the seat by five votes, but the JLP's Gregory Harris is seek to have the results overturned.

There were 17 rejected ballots.


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