Cruise visitors wanted more Jamaican products

December 07, 2016
These tourist are among more than 1,000 who toured Kingston after the cruise ship, Monarch of the Seas, docked in the Kingston Harbour yesterday.

More than 1,000 tourists criss-crossed through capital city Kingston yesterday after the Monarch of the Seas docked in the Kingston Harbour.

The ship was the largest to have docked in Kingston, and Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett said it was an important development for the sector.

However, some of the tourists who set foot in Kingston left disappointed that they were unable get locally-made goods.

"One of the disappointments is that the shopping is not at the level we want it to be," Bartlett said.

The visitors toured sections of Kingston such as the Victoria Craft Market, Devon House, and sections of the Blue Mountains.

"What Kingston needs is to build up a reputation as being safe, secure, and seamless," Bartlett said.

He told THE STAR that more needs to be done to improve the shopping in Kingston, arguing that one of the reasons other destinationS do well as a cruise ship destination is because of shopping.

Bartlett said that most of the tourists with whom he spoke were extremely happy about the experience in Kingston. He said, however, that "one or two mentioned that they were a little surprised that there wasn't more offering in the area of shopping."

"They would want high-end goods. They would probably want to see goods that are a little more Jamaican because that is a big part of what they go to a destination for - to get local good as that helps to authenticate their visits," Bartlett said.

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