'Help me finish my house'

December 07, 2016
Phillip Anderson shares his unfortunate story of illnesses.
Phillip Anderson shares his unfortunate story of illnesses.
Phillip Anderson shares his unfortunate story of illnesses.

Years gone by, Phillip Anderson prided himself on being a hard-working driver and butcher who took care of everyone around him. But all that changed after one tragic incident 23 years ago.

The now-73-year-old man, who hails from Constitution Hill, St Andrew, explained that he had allowed some people to live on his premises, rent-free, because they were in need of help, but it backfired on him.

"They were arguing and I told them they should live peacefully. Mi only feel when one of the

fellows take a spade and lick me inna me head. A nine months me spend a hospital, lying on me back couldn't move," Anderson recalled.

The incident rendered the father of five handicapped in his right arm and leg, making walking a tedious task. He also suffers from constant head and body aches, and a condition that prevents him from sleeping more than an hour daily.

The head injury also triggered an onset of epilepsy.

"Sometimes the seizure throw me down and it's like me no have no use to meself. It affect me every new moon," Anderson said with a slur which he also developed after the head blow.

Upon realising that he would no longer be able to continue his occupation to finance his family and his hefty medical bills, which he clams ran into the millions, an ailing Anderson decided to invest in a housing project which he intended rent to university students.




But the project has stalled due to his depleted funds.

Further complicating the situation, Anderson developed a myriad of other ailments over the years, including diabetes, enlarged prostate, and kidney problems.

He became dependent on his wife, who is a janitor, and one of his daughters, who is a hairdresser, to pay for his monthly supply of medication, which he said costs more than $20,000.

"Me neva like sit down inna me life. I don't want no freeness. I just want to be able to earn and give back to people, " Anderson said.

The perpetrator, he said, served a year in prison for the grave assault, but he was not in a position to compensate Anderson financially.

Nonetheless, Anderson, a Roman Catholic Christian, said he forgives him.

"Many times I sit and cry to know that I was helping people and it mash up me life. It is very sad, but I would never hurt back the person, and I would never stop helping people," Anderson shared.

This festive season, the elderly man's only wish is to complete his housing project in Kintyre,

St Andrew, as he would finally be able to take care of his family and help others the way he used to.

He would need some $250,000 to complete the two-bedroom structure, which is in need of a roof, doors and floors. Then, Anderson said, he plans to use the rent proceeds to complete the other six-room structure.

"A whole heap a things me been through with doctor," Anderson said, as he showed the huge, pulsating dent in his head. "But I will never give up. I encourage a lot of people because once you have life, you can go on," he said.

If you wish to assist, you may contact Phillip Anderson at 528 5733

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