Spice recalls first Christmas as a mom

December 07, 2016

The Christmas I will never forget:

Dancehall diva Spice admitted that she is "a real Christmas Peggy.

"I'm all into the lights, and the whole entire house is lit, and there are presents and cards, and stuff like that," she told THE STAR.

Spice said the Christmas that stands out most for her is her first Christmas as a mother, because it brought back fond childhood memories.

Her first child, Nicholas Jr, who is now nine years old, was excited to partake in all the festivities.

"It was very special for me. My son was only one, but just seeing him happy and the joy he had was great. He was so excited and all over the place," Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, recalled.

"I allowed him to open his gifts. It was a lot of gifts. Everybody was saying, 'how him get so much gifts,' but I was just so excited. Some of the presents were even bigger than him. Just the joy of seeing how happy he was is memorable for me," she said.

Though that memory stood out, Spice said her Christmases just keep getting better now that she is also celebrating it with her five-year-old daughter, Nicholatoy. Spice believes her urge to give her children a great Christmas stems from the amazing Christmases her father sacrificed to give her as a child growing up in Old Braeton, St Catherine.

"I used to count down the days," Spice shared. "My father always used to make sure we had something on Christmas. I remember one time he gave me some helium balloons, but I was so small; I remember holding a bunch of them and they were just taking me up, and he was just grabbing at me," Spice said between laughs.

It is this immense joy that Spice experienced during her childhood Christmases which she said had fuelled her undying desire to give her own children great Christmas experiences.

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