Dutty Berry got constipated over the festive season

December 08, 2016
Dutty Berry


Comedic entertainer Rushaine 'Dutty Berry' Berry said he will never forget the Christmas he got constipated.

"It was in 2014. It was the worst Christmas ever, because it was the first in my life that I got sick around the holidays," Berry said.

"When Christmas time comes you have whole heap a little events. So me a host company staff parties left, right and centre, and apparently I went to one of these functions and go eat food and catch a stomach virus. Mi couldn't do-do and them little things there," he explained.

This was very difficult for Berry, as partaking in the abundance of food is one of his favorite aspects of the festive season.

"Me couldn't get fi eat no Christmas dinner at all. When everybody else a eat them piece a chicken, and the ham, and all kinds of excitement, me affi inna a little corner a drink bowl of soup with nothing in it," Berry recalled.

The popular blogger said he did not get better until the end of January, which was a huge disappointment, because he had been preparing his stomach months before Christmas.

"I am the type of person who go gym and make sure lose weight at a certain time of year so me can put it on back fi Christmas. Mi do all of that in vain that year. Imagine a Jamaican Christmas, and you can't participate inna the food eating!" Berry bemoaned.


Big dinners


Berry, who spent most of his Christmases in Rollington Town, Vineyard Town and Washington Boulevard, in Kingston, said big dinners has always been a huge part of the Christmas tradition.

"I love the little family time, and I love that people seem friendlier," Berry said.

"But, definitely, the food is my favorite. We don't have thanksgiving here, so at Christmas, the family chef them really get the time to showcase what them have to offer. You see the mothers and the aunties crowding around to make the best chicken, gravy, and juice, oh gosh!"


Support the higglers


Though food still plays a huge role in modern day festivities, Berry said he misses all the fun he used to have during his childhood Christmases.

"I remember back in the days when the women go downtown to buy pepper lights, and grand market was an actual thing that people used to support the higglers," Berry recalled.

His mother was also a huge proponent of the Christmas traditions.

"She did the whole Santa Clause thing and out the presents under the little tree. It wasn't a real tree, but she would go downtown and buy the little fake trees, and even if it was just a book, she would wrap it up and put it under there," Berry said.

Though he is a social media star, Berry believes the technological age has taken away from the traditional Christmas experiences.

"People no really live inna the moment anymore. They have a lot of distractions, " Berry said.

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