$100m to protect ministry building in downtown Kingston

December 09, 2016
A section of the Kingston waterfront at Port Royal Street is fenced off, at left, as site preparations get underway for development of an 11-floor building to serve as headquarters for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

Following the completion of a feasibility study which shows that coastal revetment works and storm surge protection civil works are necessary to safeguard the new foreign ministry building, the Government is moving to build a shoreline protection system in downtown Kingston.

Cabinet approved the award of a contract in the amount of just over $103 million to Nakash Construction and Equipment Company Limited for the construction of 90 metres of shoreline protection sheet pile wall at the proposed site of the ministry.

The Government of Jamaica, in its thrust to restore downtown Kingston, approved the acquisition of lands on the Kingston Waterfront for the construction of the new ministry building.

The foreign affairs ministry is currently housed in rented property in New Kingston.

Some $666 million has been set aside in this year's budget for work on the new ministry building.

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