Luther Buchanan to campaign for Bunting

December 09, 2016
Luther Buchanan
Peter Bunting (left) and Luther Buchanan.

Luther Buchanan has taken leave of absence from the secretariat of the People's National Party (PNP) in order to help Peter Bunting become party leader.

Buchanan, who is a deputy general secretary of the PNP since 2008, wrote to newly elected general secretary Julian Robinson informing him of his decision.

"Because of my public position that I support Cde Bunting as aspiring president of the People's National Party, and I wouldn't want in any way shape or form to compromise the impartiality of the secretariat , hence, I believe it is my duty as a responsible comrade to take leave of absence from my position," Buchanan said.

The Eastern Westmoreland Member of Parliament said has indicated he is taking leave of absence with immediate effect to the end of the internal elections.


Renewal of party


PNP President Portia Simpson Miller has indicated she intends to step down shortly from the leadership of the party. Dr Peter Phillips, a former-vice-president and Peter Bunting, a former general secretary, have indicated interest in the position.

Bunting is 56 and Phillips is 67, three years younger than the retiring Simpson Miller.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is 44.

"You can't look at renewal and renewal if you are going for a 1980 model Benz," Buchanan said.

"Of fundamental importance, if we are to go to an election in 2020 or 2021, the age difference is that a 70-odd year old leader of the People's National Party will have to be sold against a 50 year old Holness,"

Buchanan, who served as deputy to Bunting said he impressed by his leadership skills. He said that Dr Phillips has a lot to offer "but in terms of being the leader, deeper in the 21 century, I think Peter Bunting is the best man for the job."

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