Triple murder in Portmore

December 09, 2016

Investigators are trying to solve a triple murder that was committed in a section of Gregory Park, Portmore, St Catherine, yesterday.

Three men were shot and killed in the community yesterday. One of the men has been identified as Durrant Miller, otherwise called Scumpa, of Newland, St Catherine.

The others are still unidentified.

"We are wondering what they were doing here as those areas, although close by, are strangers by virtue of political differences," a female resident told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Another resident told THE WEEKEND STAR that she is seriously considering relocating to another community.

"I am now thinking of paying rent for a while as this won't stop here. It is the reprisal that we are afraid of. This is very bad, and I know that there will be more bodies," the woman said.

Robert Bennett, senior Superintendent of Police in charge of the St Catherine South Police Division, said that although he is on leave, having heard that three Jamaicans were murdered, he had to visit the community.

"I am the person in charge of the St Catherine South Division, so that is why I am here ...To do what is right and be here to give support," the senior cop said.

He said that those killed were previously interviewed by the police.

Reports are that about 3:45 p.m., residents of an area of the community called Gulf heard explosions and made checks. They found the three males with multiple gunshot wounds.

The number of murder committed in the St Catherine South Division now stands at 91, which is nine more than the 82 committed during the corresponding period last year.

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