Health department to probe if wholesale selling weevil flour

December 10, 2016

The Kingston and St Andrew Health Department said that it will carry out a thorough inspection of a wholesale in Kingston that is selling flour with worms and weevils.

THE STAR obtained a video of a worker in the wholesale sifting out what appears to be worms and weevils out of flour.

A person who frequents the wholesale, who asked for anonymity, told THE STAR that employees sometimes don't bother to sift the flour due to the tedious process.

The wholesale is reportedly located close to the basic school that often buys from the establishment.

An inspector at the Kingston and St Andrew Health Department said that an inspector will assign to carry out an exhaustive inspection of the facilities.

"What we normally do, whenever there is a report of kind, is immediately order an inspection of the facility first to find out if it is true, and secondly, to find out how widespread the problem is," the inspector said.

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