Man gets four months for death threats to witness

December 14, 2016

A man who shouted death threats to a Crown witness was left bewildered in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday after the judge told him he will be spending Christmas in prison.

"A four months she give me? Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!" Tafari Anderson shouted as he was ushered back into the holding cell inside the court.

The court heard that Anderson, 28, of Victoria Street in Kingston, was on bail for assault occasioning bodily harm, where he was accused of using a brick to beat the complainant.

Some months later, on October 5, upon seeing the said complainant walking along Market Street, he began making threatening remarks.

"Hey gyal, gwaan live you life. It short, because a kill man a go kill you. Gwaan live you short life," Anderson reportedly said.

A report was made to the police, who then arrested Anderson. While under caution he told officers, "Fi her thing a little thing. Me neva expect her fi go police with that. Me nah go no court."

Anderson, on Friday, admitted in court that he made the threatening remarks to the complainant.

"The both a we did in a state of ignorance when me say that," he claimed. He also pleaded guilty to the assault charges.

When Judge Andrea Collins asked the accused what he had to say in his defence, he begged for mercy.

"Mi a beg you a chance. Me willing fi walk pon the next side when me see her," he said.

Collins ordered him to pay $15,000 or spend 60 days for the assault charge, and four months in prison for threatening a Crown witness.

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