Hanover police concerned about murder rate

December 15, 2016
Scene of Crime detectives conduct investigations at the scene of a triple murder.

Western Bureau:

With just a couple weeks to go in 2016, concern is high in the parish of Hanover with respect to the number of murders that are being committed across that parish.

Police statistics are showing that for 2015 approximately 59 murders were committed in the parish, and up to yesterday, some 47 have been committed in the parish.


Serious Crimes


Police Superintendent in charge of the Hanover Division, Arthel Colley, says that the parish is doing well in terms of serious crimes, but the problem is with shootings and gang-related violence.

"We have exceeded the target over last year as it relates to shootings, but we are doing well as it relates to the reduction of serious crimes in the division. And as it relates to our clear-up, we are having a 62 per cent clear-up as it relates to serious crimes in the division," he said.

Although he is far from comfortable with the murder figures, Colley blamed the situation on the four main gangs that are operating in the division. These gangs are the One Voice operating in the Greenland area, One Link in the Elgin Town area, Hundred Rounds in the Green Island area, and the Ants Nest in the Logwood area.


Gang Violence


"We were doing quite well up to October. However, during September up to October the division experienced an increase in gang violence," he said, adding that there have been several reprisal killings as a result of these feuds.

Nonetheless, Colley promised that the police will be working to reduce the number of murders in the parish.

"I understand the citizens, especially in Lucea, have some concerns as it relates to violence surrounding that town. What I can assure them is that we will be pulling out all the stops in order to curtail any form of violence over the holiday season," he said.

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