Horsemen in fear

December 15, 2016
Jason McKay

Horsemen in the backstretch at Caymanas Park have expressed concerns over their safety following alleged threats made by persons from the informal 'Train Line' community of Gregory Park, who were affected by Sunday's disconnection of illegal electricity wiring to the racetrack's power grid.

John Jones*, a groom employed to one of the stables in the vicinity of the community, established adjacent the north wall of the Caymanas compound, told The STAR thugs have been threatening to harm workers since Monday morning.


Triple Murder


"Bossie, yu caan tek dem man deh lightly, enuh. In a di first place, yu nuh know who deh ova dem place deh. Si, di other day, a three man dem fling dung one time, down a Gulf, dat a just down the road," he said, referring to a recent triple murder in another nearby informal settlement.

"A horse business wi deal wid, wi nuh business wid no man an dem light, but dem have it fi seh a we deh ya, suh a must we a informa. Wi a nuh security or police but a we dem waan tek a set pon, worse police guh lock down two a dem from Sunday ova the light," he pointed out.


Safeguard Workers


A source at Caymanas Track Limited (CTL) referred THE STAR to its security contractor, McKay Security Limited.

Jason McKay, CEO of McKay Security, in response, said steps have already been taken to safeguard workers in the backstretch and he would make a full statement on the matter after consulting with CTL.

The 196-acre Caymanas Park property has, for years, been plagued by illegal connections to its utility systems, including water, sending its monthly bills skyrocketing.

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