Be vigilant when buying toys - CAC

December 16, 2016
Acting director of communications at the Consumer Affairs Commission, Dorothy Campbell.

The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is urging adults to exercise caution when purchasing toys for children during the Christmas season.

Acting director of communications at the CAC, Dorothy Campbell, said shoppers should look out for defective toys that could pose a danger to children.

She is advising persons to avoid buying toys for small children that have sharp edges, which could cause lacerations, or small parts that can easily detach and become a choking hazard.

"We are asking parents and family members who are buying gifts, ensure that you check and double-check the quality of the toy," said Campbell.

She recommended that parents pay attention to the intended age ranges that are included on the packaging.

Campbell further urged parents to pay close attention to labels, as some toys contain excessive amounts of lead and other toxic materials that might be harmful to the child.

She noted that where toys are damaged, parents should repair them or throw them away.

As for noisy toys or electronic gadgets, Campbell noted that these can cause hearing or eye damage.

She is recommending that consumers buy from reputable establishments and always ask for a warranty.

"The warranty must include labour; and check if there is a limited time period within which it can be used. Also, ask what is required by the consumer in order to replace that item, repair or get a refund," she recommended.

She further warned consumers to be wary when shopping online, adding that this method does not allow for proper inspection of the product prior to making a purchase.

Campbell explained that buying online may make it harder to return the item.

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