Hanover Municipal Corporation to tackle crime

December 16, 2016

Tackling crime in Hanover, particularly the capital Lucea, was on the agenda at the first official council meeting held since the swearing in of the seven councillors of the municipal corporation on Thursday.

Mayor Sherridan Samuels said he noted murders were increasing in the parish.

"It is not safe right now, the parish is not safe. We at the council ... we have to sit down and discuss and try to engage the security forces and also the citizens of this parish as to how we can get everyone involved and try to remedy the situation", he said.

Councillor for the Lucea division, Easton Edwards, said the police, political directorate, and the church need to come together, go into the communities, and interact with the youngsters.

"They are close communities, they are not far in terms of miles and we know who these people are. We just need to start a conversation because what is happening is reprisal killings we are having here. I know that if we start a discussion and we are honest with each other, we can curb what is happening here", he stated.

When asked if he is proposing a meeting with the known gang members in the communities, his reply was, "If that is what it takes, then we will have to because if they are the ones that are posing the problems. We need to start with them because they are known".

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