Woman accused of child stealing offered bail

December 17, 2016

Alleged baby thief Lorna Williamson has been offered bail.

Her attorney, Carol Dacosta, told the court yesterday morning that Williamson had experienced an "emotional acute wound" and needs to be cared for.

She said that Williamson has "now come back from the precipice" and told the court that Williamson's three children will be helping her through this difficult period.

Williamson, 47, is charged with child stealing after the police found Danisha Maxwell, then one-day-old, in her care in Rollington Town, Kingston.

Danisha was stolen from her mother's cot on the postnatal ward of the University Hospital of the West Indies last Friday.

Williamson, a medical assistant, has been offered bail in the sum of $300,000. She is booked to return to court of February 1.

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