Enough eggs, chicken and ham for Christmas, says JAS

December 19, 2016

Norman Grant, the president of the Jamaica Agricultural Association (JAS), said that Jamaica is now self-sufficient in many of the food items for which the nation craves.

Grant said that Jamaican farmers have produced ample chicken, eggs and pork for ham.

The JAS president said Jamaican saved US$88.4 million last year by reducing the demand for-foreign-produced agricultural items.

He said that poultry production this year has gone up by 11 per cent, moving from 77 million kilograms last year to 116 million kilograms.

In relation to eggs, Grant said "we are going to finish this year with 160 million eggs to be self-sufficient in eggs again".

Some 120 million eggs were produced in Jamaica last year, and Grant said that based on this year's performance, "we really don't need to import eggs".

As it relates to pork, Grant said 60 per cent of other white meat that is consumed in Jamaica is provided by the local pork industry.

"That is enough to ensures that all the ham for Christmas will be provided from local pork in Jamaica," Grant said.

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