Man curses judge for Christmas jail term

December 28, 2016

A windscreen washer became irate in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish court on Friday, when he learned he would be spending Christmas and the first days of 2017 behind bars.

Andre Lennon, who pleaded guilty to stabbing a gas pump attendant, became boisterous after learning he would be remanded for sentencing until January 5.

He even began hurling insults and expletives at judge Angela Collins and had to be escorted from the court room.

"A unuh same one crucify Jesus inna court house!" he shouted, as policemen hauled him away.

The prosecution told the court that on March 29, Lennon walked up to the complainant's workplace and said, "Hey Bwoy, this no done yet. You make me go a jail wrongfully."

admitted guilt

He left but returned moments later with an ice pick, and proceeded to stab the complainant several times in his hand and other parts of his body.

Lennon, who initially appeared very calm and remorseful, admitted guilt and said the complainant got him locked up, saying he stole his phone.

A week later, he said the complainant told the police he found the phone.

"I work at the stoplight and every day him been taking set on me, so one day me crack," Lennon claimed.

He further begged the judge for leniency, even reading a letter he penned, hoping to get bail for the holidays.

However, his humble facade quickly transformed into rage when Collins remanded him nonetheless.

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