Man accused of trying to steal more than $400,000

December 29, 2016
Jamaican currency

A man accused of attempting to rob more than $400,000 will have to wait until the new year to hear his fate in the matter.

The accused, Kerido Grant, had his bail extended when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week and is to return on February 9.

Grant pleaded not guilty to the charges of larceny, forgery, and uttering a forged document.

Allegations are that the accused stole a cheque leaf belonging to a doctor and made a cheque out to himself valued at $498,300.

It is said that he forged the doctor's signature to endorse the cheque.

The court heard that on October 12, the cheque was deposited in Grant's National Commercial Bank account using his Midas card.

Upon finding discrepancies with the cheque, the bank put a hold on the account.

The court further heard that on October 28, Grant attempted to reactivate his account and the Fraud Squad was alerted.

When Judge Angela Collins asked Grant what he had to say regarding the allegations, he said, "Mi no know nothing."

A fingerprint order was made against Grant. The prosecution is still awaiting a report from the handwriting expert, as well as a statement from the doctor from whom the cheque leaf was stolen.

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