Arcadia residents in fear

December 30, 2016
Tashoy Barrett
A group of friends grieve after learning of Tashoy Barrett's death.

Residents of the community of Arcadia in eastern St Thomas, where the body of Tashoy Barrett was found in her boyfriend's house on Boxing Day, are grappling with fear as the suspect, Barrett's boyfriend Odaine Keyes, remains on the loose in the usually peaceful community, according to residents.

One resident wrote on Facebook: "The little district gone to the dogs star it's like a movie."

Commenters, who appear to be from the same community, chimed in: "I don't even want to come to work today, just wanted to stay with my girls." Another one said: "Mi not coming back up there until he is gone."


When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted the resident who made the post on Facebook, he said that the usually vivacious streets are now empty.

"Not even dog nuh deh pon the road. Like the people tek dem up," the resident said.

Barrett's mother, Stephanie Harris Barrett, said that she is also in fear.

"Mi never know him as a vile personI'm not going to lie to you. I am very surprised because mi never hear him and nobody in any argument. So mi feel fearful," Harris Barrett said.

"People are in fear in the community because mi hear seh him attack a person for real," she added.

She said it's been difficult coping as she cannot understand why someone would kill her quiet daughter.

"Tashoy so quiet. Mi cyah understand why him would do that," Harris Barrett said.

The Port Morant police told THE WEEKEND STAR that they hadn't received any reports of the accused attacking anyone else and had no additional information on the case.

They said that they are maintaining a heavy presence in the community and are still in search for the accused.

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