'Bad weed made me do it' ... man blames herb for destroying door

December 31, 2016
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FILE Marijuana

... man blames herb for destroying door

A man who was caught using a two by four piece of board to destroy the door of a business place in the Corporate Area, pleaded guilty in the Half Way Tree Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday.

Junior Christie was charged with malicious destruction of property. He was sentenced to six months with hard labour.

However the sentence was suspended for 12 months and Christie was warned not to break the law during the suspension or he will face grave consequences.

The court clerk said Christie told the police before he was arrested that he only carried out the malignant act because he was under the haze of marijuana.

"Mi never waan mash up di door. A tru mi smoke one bad weed weh mek mi a see doubles," the clerk read.

The presiding judge asked Christie if he was still smoking marijuana.

"I take it that you stop smoking weed or it's because you have been locked up?" the judge wanted to know.

"I don't plan to smoke again your honour," Christie replied.

Before he was dismissed, Christie thanked the judge, assuring that "I am not going to do it again".

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