$50m house goes up in flames

January 03, 2017
File House at 11 Jacks Hill Road

A house which 2011 World 100-metre champion Yohan Blake tried to purchase was razed by fire on Christmas Eve.

The house is located on 11 Jacks Hill Road.

Acting Superintendent for the Kingston and St Andrew fire division, Patrick Gooden, said the house was partially destroyed.

"Based on the preliminary report I am seeing, it was the burning of rubbish that was left unattended that actually caused the fire," Gooden said

A resident of the community, Aditha Jarrett, said she was sitting in her living room when her nephew shouted, "Fire!"

"I came outside and saw the roof on fire. By the time I called the fire station, they said that a unit was already on its way," Jarrett said.

THE STAR understands that the house was owned by the Government when Blake offered a hefty sum for it.


Offer was rejected


There were reports in 2014 that Blake had actually purchased the property for over $50 million.

However, THE STAR obtained information that his offer was rejected as the property was being reserved for another buyer.

The National Land Agency said the property was sold to a Michael DaCosta on November 24 last year.

It is believed that Cabinet had approved the house to be sold to Blake when the request was originally made.

When THE STAR contacted Blake's local manager, Timothy Spence, he said that it was Blake's personal business and he did not wish to give a comment.

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