Help us bury our mother — Dead woman's children want to bring body back to JA

January 04, 2017
Hyacinth Mendez

Hyacinth Mendez, a 59-year-old dressmaker, spent the last 10 years of her life in Barbados working hard to take care of her family in Jamaica.

Upon learning that her eldest daughter, Annette Fraser, was diagnosed with breast cancer, she worked doubly hard to help finance the medication, not realising that she was suffering from an advanced stage of the same affliction in her colon.

The Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth, native died on Christmas Day in Barbados, only a week after being diagnosed. Now, her daughters want to ship her home for a proper burial, but BBD$10,000 (J$644,219) stands in their way.

"When we learnt she was sick, we wanted to get her home to care for her. My sister flew to Barbados for her. We were hoping for a miracle, but she passed away on Christmas Day. It was devastating for us," Fraser shared between sobs.

On their own, the daughters can only afford to cremate their mother and ship the ashes home. However, they believe she deserves to have a proper burial based on the selfless life she lived.

"It is important to have her body here. It would bring closure in some sense. Having her cremated, to me, it's like a form of disrespect in a way," Fraser said.


impacted their lives


"She was a very jovial, understanding, loving, sociable person, and she was the same way in Barbados," Fraser said. "I loved her personality. She had a way of stating harsh things in a gentle way that you don't even realise."

Despite hailing from humble beginnings, the now deceased Mendez did her best to ensure her children were fed, clothed, and educated.

However, her kindness extended beyond family.

"There are quite a number of persons overseas who would want to come to the funeral because she, in some way, had impacted their lives, either by raising them for a period of time, or sewing for them when they were in Jamaica. So, they would want to pay respects," Fraser said.

All three daughters are employed - one in marketing, one in accounting, and the other works seasonally on an overseas programme. However, Fraser's expensive treatment and other responsibilities are impeding their ability to fully finance all their mother's funeral expenses, which continue to mount as the days go by.

"It would really mean everything to us if you help. When we first heard the cost to bring her home, we couldn't believe it was that expensive, but she really deserves a proper burial," Fraser said.

Persons wishing to assist may contact Annette Fraser by phone at 1-876-313-0663, email at, or donate to their GoFundMe account entitled, 'Lay Mommy to Rest in her Hometown'.

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