My daughter blocked me from my house - Elderly woman says child erected wall preventing her entry

January 06, 2017
Eula Brown* points to the wall that is preventing her from entering her home.

Eula Brown*, an elderly pensioner, is begging the authorities to act swiftly to help her regain access to her home after her daughter with whom she shares the house erected a 10-foot wall blocking her out of the home for more than a month.

“A lady give me a cotch at her house, and I’m a big inconvenience to them. I feel so bad. Mi a look place fi move. Even on Christmas Day me walk through the entire community looking and begging people who I know if them can give me a cotch. Me nuh get none,” a distraught Brown explained.

The 64-year-old woman provided THE WEEKEND STAR with a land title showing that she and her daughter bought the Kingston house together in 1999. Brown added that she agreed to control the smaller side of the house while her daughter took the larger side.

The retired domestic worker and caregiver explained that she and her daughter had not been on good terms in recent times, but she never expected that her daughter would block her from her own home.

“On the third of December, I was in the bathroom washing and I heard a knocking at the front. So, I came out and I saw a man doing some digging at my gate. I told him not to dig it down, because it’s mine, and him say is the woman [Brown's daughter] give him work,” Brown said.

When the man refused to stop, Brown made her way to a nearby police station where officers advised her to file an injunction at the court. However, she could not do so as the court is closed on Saturdays.

The Constabulary Communications Unit also confirmed that Brown has reported the incident to the police.

She said the men continued to build the wall straight up to her veranda over the course of that same weekend.

“All me could do was watch because me old. Me can’t do nothing,” Brown recalled.

The following Monday she hastily made her way to the court to file an injunction in the matter. Brown was also able to secure a lawyer who said she would look into the matter.

However, upon returning home, she found a vertical wall in the middle of the veranda blocking her out of her half of the house. She said she has not been able to access her home since then. All her food, medication, clothes, and other necessities are locked away and are perishing.

“My family in the country. My sister died. My son did burn out two years ago, so him nuh have nowhere to put me. Mi really desperate,” she pleaded.

The saga is causing grave stress to the hypertensive woman, but she said she is clinging to her sanity.

“Mi did really agitated, but then me come back to miself, and me start get prayer. But me very uncomfortable because me a inconvenience the people who give me a cotch,” Brown lamented.

So far, Brown said the lawyer has been seeking ways to fast tract the procedure, but she was advised that it could take up to a year or more to have the matter rectified. However, she said she is begging the authorities to speed up the process, as her she has exhausted her friend’s kindness.


*Name changed

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