Next Commish should be a man of God — Christian man says evil spirits are causing murders

January 06, 2017
Kenneth Harper
Dr Carl Williams
Kenneth Harper

A man who said he successfully fought Satan when he appeared in his backyard on January 1, 2014, said that the next police commissioner should be a man of God with telepathic abilities in order for the murder toll to be reduced.

Kenneth Harper, a resident of Pond Gully in Glengoffe, St Catherine, and a member of the Cassava River United Pentecostal Church, says he has a message for Security Minister Robert Montague and that message is based on a vision he got from God.

"Satan is running up and down in the backyards of Jamaicans, and this is why I got the message that the next police commissioner should have some serious spiritual connections. He should be a man of God," Harper said.

In a letter to Professor Gordon Shirley, head of the Police Services Commission, Dr Carl Williams announced late last year that he would be stepping down from the post of police commissioner today.


Have failed


Harper said that the conventional methods of crime fighting have failed, and the country needs somebody to foreshadow murders before they happen.

"The brute force crime-fighting strategy never work in 2014, 2015, or 2016, and it will not work 2017. You need somebody to see things before they happen to prevent them," Harper said.

He said that on January 1, 2014, Satan swooped down on his backyard in the form of an angel of light and he fought him successfully with the blood of Jesus.

"I came out and saw him, and he was light up. I run back in and I told my wife that Satan was in the backyard," Harper recounted. "I took the brave action to fight him, and he was flying towards me with a sword, then I said, 'The blood of Jesus is against you, and he departed from the yard."

Harper said he believes that Satan is in a lot of backyards in Jamaica, and this is the reason the security forces have been unsuccessful in curtailing the spiralling crime figures.

Since Williams made the announcement that he would be retiring, there have been many speculations about who would land the top job.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Novelette Grant will act as police commissioner for a period of 90 days beginning on January 7.

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