Reject don culture - PM

January 06, 2017
Andrew Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has told citizens to reject the phenomenon of dons and area leaders in their communities.

"The only protector of the community must be the Government of Jamaica, the police force and Jesus Christ, the Almighty Saviour. We don't need any dons and criminals to protect us," he emphasised.

He was addressing the 12th annual Heal the Family, Heal the Nation fasting service at the National Arena on Wednesday.

Holness said crime is the greatest threat to the economy and urged persons to distance themselves from family members and spouses who are involved in criminal activity.

"Now is the time when law-abiding, God-fearing Jamaicans must turn their backs on the criminals. Don't let them survive in your community. Don't give them safe haven in your community," he urged.

He further called on the church to support the Government in the fight against the rising levels of crime and violence in the country.

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