'Be alert' - 'traffic light robber' rumour prompts police advice

January 09, 2017
File One of the many beggars in the Corporate Area.

Motorists are being urged to be cautious at traffic lights, after a social media message warning them to be careful of a robber started circulating.

The message warns motorists not to give in to a ruse where a man holding up a name card at traffic lights in the Corporate Area, knocks on car windows pretending to seek directions.

He then allegedly uses a hidden blade to cut his victims before stealing their motor vehicles.

While not able to confirm the veracity of the message, head of the Traffic Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Calvin Allen, used the opportunity to warn motorists to lock their doors and keep their windows up.


Easy prey


"I haven't heard of that but what I want to say is don't take things for granted," Allen warned. "When you stop at the traffic lights ensure your doors are locked and your windows are up and you should increase your alertness as it gets dark because not every person you see at those traffic lights are genuine people."

Allen pointed out there may be other persons lurking behind fences and looking for easy prey.

The senior cop said the police are aware that crimes like these happen and want motorists to be careful even when dealing with minor accidents on the road in unlit areas.

"If one is driving on the road more so in the night and you meet in a minor accident and you know minor accidents require the exchange of information by both parties, if you are alone and you feel the other party might not look the part, then drive to the nearest police station," Allen said.

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