Woman disarms policeman - lawman allegedly brandished weapon after dispute

January 09, 2017


There is an ongoing investigation by the Police High Command following the disarming of a policeman by a woman he encountered during a traffic mishap.

THE STAR has been informed by residents of Gutters district, in St Catherine, where the spectacle unfolded, that the incident has left tongues wagging.

The STAR was informed that the policeman was driving his private motor car in the community, when he allegedly 'bad drived' motorists, resulting in three vehicles colliding.

The policeman is alleged to have driven away, but was chased by a group who cornered him in Gutters.

He reportedly tried to drive away again after chastising the motorists, but the woman took away his car keys.

The police were summoned and while waiting for them to arrive, the lawman allegedly pulled a gun.


Started to beg


The male motorists ran, but the woman reportedly wrested the weapon from his grasp. It is said he started to beg for the weapon's return.

"Yes, mi boss, mi ongle si when di woman grabbed di gun out di man han and him start fi tell har to gi him back," a resident said.

Another resident said: "A di first mi ever si a woman tek weh a policeman gun."

The woman reportedly handed over the weapon to the police.

When The STAR contacted the Old Harbour Police Station, personnel acknowledged the incident, however, they did not go into details.

They were only prepared to say that the matter has been reported to police control and that an investigation is under way.

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