Sentence date set for confessed forgers

January 10, 2017

Two co-conspirators who attempted to defraud a loan company out of a million dollars by presenting fictitious documents will have to wait until January 13 to hear their fate in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

Karcia York, 28, of Spanish Town, St Catherine, and Phillip Haughton, 54, of Waltham Park, Kingston, both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud, three counts of forgery, and three counts of uttering forged documents.

The court heard that on December 30 last year, both accused went to Carib Cash, a loan company in New Kingston, attempting to borrow $500,000 each.

They uttered job letters and payslips claiming to be employees of All Angles Investigations and Security Services, which further investigations revealed to be a fake company.

The police were informed and they were both arrested and charged.

The two were remanded to allow the judge to access their records after the prosecution indicated that Haughton had a previous conviction of the same nature.

The court also heard that the two were working with a mastermind, who had obtained thousands of dollars in loans using fictitious job letters and payslips from fake companies.

He is to be brought to court at a later date.

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