Callaloo found in ackee tin - GraceKennedy investigates mix-up

January 11, 2017
Despite clearly promising ackees, this GraceKennedy-labelled tin contained callaloo instead.

GraceKennedy has launched an investigation into the wrong labelling of one of its products which has caused laughter on Facebook.

A number of Facebook users have used emojis to express their amusement at a picture of a GraceKennedy can labelled ackee, that actually contained callaloo.

The Facebook user who made the post, wrote “I’m just gonna leave this here. Na laugh, comment when you see it,” the post said.

Commenters responded with laughing emojis, some stating that the label was wrong.

CEO of GK Foods Jamaica, Andrea Coy, said that the Jamaican food brand has launched an investigation into the matter to ascertain what happened.

“We are investigating. We do not like to inconvenience our consumers and we want to investigate to ensure that it doesn’t happen again,” Coy told THE STAR.

She said the consumer who was affected contacted the company to inform them of the mistake.

Coy said the woman said she loves GraceKennedy and its products.

“We have assured her that we will get to the bottom of the problem and we expect the investigation to be concluded by the end of this week,” Coy said.

“GraceKennedy apologises to its consumers for any inconvenience caused and we want to assure the public that while the label was incorrect, the product in the can is of good quality and (we) remain committed to maintaining the quality of our products,” Coy added. 


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