Living in fear - Havana Heights residents cautious following shooting

January 11, 2017
The house where two brothers were shot last Saturday.
This board and zinc structure is the home where the two brothers live.

The residents of Havana Heights Phase One in Clarendon, a community where two brothers were shot and injured last Sunday, say only the gunmen can tell why the attack was carried out.

Residents told our news team that they are now living in fear, as there is no telling what will happen next.

"Mi only hear the gunshot dem, and then mi tek mi phone and call the police," an elderly resident told THE STAR.

According to the resident, though he had no credit to place the call, he used the police emergency number which proved effective as the cops arrived in minutes.

"A something a gwaan. It mix up. But dem deh yute deh nuh inna nothing. All the little one, him nuh trouble nobody," he said. 


Our news team understands the boys live with their father, and their mother's house is a stone's throw away.

In last Sunday's incident, the two brothers, seven and 15, were shot and injured. They are still hospitalised. 

The May Pen police are still investigating, but they are yet to make an arrest.

THE STAR visited the one-room structure that was made from dilapidated board and zinc.

According to one neighbour, "We a sleep and only hear the gunshot. After the gunshot, we hear the mother start bawl out. Then she tek her time, and go up deh and a cry. Yuh see because mi inna my bed, me nah come out."

The resident said he has been living in the community for three years, and this was his first time coming so close to something of this nature. 

"Mi have my children around too, but mi go church and mi pray for them," the resident said.

The shooting of the brothers last Sunday brought back very chilling memories of another incident last September when two brothers were murdered in their home.

However, the residents are thankful that the recent victims did not suffer such a horrible fate.



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