I got plastic rice - Hanna

January 12, 2017
Lisa Hanna


Weeks after Jamaicans grappled with fear they might be consuming plastic rice, Member of Parliament for South East St Ann, Lisa Hanna, has reignited the topic in a video she posted on her Instagram account yesterday claiming that she had plastic rice in her home.

With the caption 'Got caught with the plastic rice at home', Hanna narrated the 27-second video with another person rolling the rice into a ball.

"So I got caught with the plastic rice bought it at well known bulk place that is more international than local and started cooking the rice yesterday. It can't cook. All you can do is roll it in a ball. You can bounce it; you can do a number of things with it ... so anybody who tells you that it is not on the market, check me."

When THE STAR contacted Hanna, she said that she sent a sample for testing and would not comment further on the matter.

Late last year, Minister of Industry and Commerce Karl Samuda said tests conducted by the Bureau of Standard Jamaica confirmed that no plastic rice was on the local market.

Hanna's assessment of the rice is similar to a series of videos about plastic rice that surfaced when the issue was initially brought to the public's attention.

In those videos, persons rolled cooked rice into ball, bouncing it off various hard surfaces to prove it was plastic.

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