More money for child abuse hotline

January 12, 2017
Ruel Reid

The Government has increased funding to 1-888-PROTECT (776-8328), the hotline set up to receive reports of child abuse, which will enable the service to operate 24 hours.

The hotline, set up by the Office of the Children's Registry (OCR), now operates 12 hours per day.

Youth Minister Senator Ruel Reid, made the disclosure at a post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House yesterday.

He informed that the National Parenting Support Commission will be provided with additional funding of some $25.8 million in the 2017/18 Budget to more effectively provide key parenting skills at the community level.

He said these moves are in response to recent reports of abuse against minors.


Counselling support


Citing the recent case involving a 15-year-old girl, he informed that the Child Development Agency (CDA) has provided psychological assessment and counselling support to the victim, while members of her family have been referred to the Children and Family Support Unit.

The CDA will also be engaging the family through parenting workshops.

Reid said the Government will be providing a significant increase in funding for state childcare facilities for the next financial year.

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