Female security guards sexually harassed

January 19, 2017
A female security guard.

President of the Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees (UCASE), Vincent Morrison, is calling on the Government and Opposition to act swiftly to deal with some of the grave issues that security officers are facing; chief among them is sexual harassment.

Morrison told THE STAR that in a meeting with more than 150 security officers at the union's office on Sunday, it was revealed that female security officers are being sexually harassed by some managers.

"The ladies were saying they would be called in a room and confronted with the issue [of sex]," Morrison said.

He said he didn't want to fully reveal the accusations communicated to him, as it could have serious consequences on the security officers who are not yet unionised, but he said that "there was some very nasty information coming out of the meeting."


No representation


Other issues raised in the meeting, according to a release from UCASE, include the need for a joint industrial council.

"What we are fighting for is to get the joint industrial council established for the workers. The workers have had no representation since 1989. They are given a contract saying that they are contractors and they have no input in that contract, and if they don't sign it they don't get the work," Morrison explained.

He said that guards have to pay for their uniforms.

"Each payday, certain amount is deducted for the uniforms, and if they are leaving the companies they have to leave the uniforms. One of them told me that she pays over $200,000," he said.

He also explained that the security officers are complaining that the amount of money they are paying for medical insurance is too high.

"What they are saying is that based on their wages, they can't afford it," Morrison said.

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