God is the answer - Bishop rejects statements from Security Minister

January 19, 2017
Bishop Joseph Ade-Gold

Founder of the Chambers of God International Bishop Dr Joseph Ade-Gold says the recent obeah outburst by Minister of National Security Robert Montague on a public platform is unfortunate and re-establishes the practice in the nation.

Montague made the declaration that a member of his family is an obeah man at a morale boosting session with policemen at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston on Tuesday.

The clergyman, however, was not moved upon learning of the statement made by the minister.


Sentiment of obeah


"It's an unfortunate statement, and even if his uncle is an obeah man, it's a public forum and he is not supposed to make such a statement. What we are trying to defend is to possibly remove the sentiment of obeah in the nation, and such a statement coming from him is re-establishing the whole obeah practice," the bishop said.

The practice of obeah in Jamaica is still illegal under the Obeah Act of 1898.

When asked by THE STAR if he believes obeah can be used to fight crime in Jamaica, Ade-Gold was not convinced.

"Obeah cannot fight crime, and most criminals are using obeah power, so we have to turn to a higher power, which is the power of God," he said.

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