Thirty communities to benefit from JSIF project

January 19, 2017


The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) is undertaking a solid waste management initiative in underserved communities islandwide aimed at improving environmental practices and facilitating the conversion of waste into income.

Under the initiative, 30 communities spanning seven parishes have been exposed to waste separation, recycling and composting techniques, and provided with the necessary equipment to keep their communities and environment clean.

The parishes are Clarendon, Kingston, St Andrew, St Ann, St Catherine, St James, and Westmoreland.


Concrete enclosures


Over the past year, JSIF has constructed approximately 120 concrete enclosures for containment of waste in the communities.

Thirty are being used as recycling units, another 30 as composting facilities, and the remainder as general waste-storage units.

The composting units allow persons to convert their organic waste, such as banana peels or grass, into organic fertiliser, while the recycling units provide for the storage of plastic bottles.

The plastic can be sold, converted into income and the organic waste can be converted into organic fertiliser, which can be sold or used at home and in the schools.

It is estimated that approximately 140,000 persons will benefit directly from the project.

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