Elderly woman killed in massive fire

January 20, 2017
Firefighters were kept busy as they tried to put out a fire on Peachon Street.
Firefighters and residents had their hands full trying to save household items.
Obviously overwhelmed by the tragedy, this woman was seen resting her head on a wall.

An 82-year-old woman was burnt to death, and more than 100 people are now homeless following a massive fire which engulfed a building on Pechon Street in downtown Kingston yesterday morning.

The deceased woman has been identified as Elfrieda Brown.

Though lawmen and firefighters who responded to the scene did what they could to quell the blaze, some residents became irate as they claim the elderly woman could have been saved, but cops prevented them from entering the building to pull her out.

angry resident

"A dem mek the woman dead! A dem mek she dead!," one angry resident insisted, while pointing to the lawmen on the scene. He was joined by others who shared the same sentiments.

However, a senior lawman explained that they allowed persons to salvage their belongings from the burning building. However, he said onlookers who did not reside in the building were dispersed to allow firefighters to do their work.

The cause of the fire, as well as the estimated damage, is not yet known. Kingston's Mayor, Delroy Williams, who was also on the scene, said representatives of the Poor Relief Department will intervene shortly.

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