Thieves trick journalist, steal motor car

January 21, 2017

Persons posing as buyers outwitted sports journalist Laurie Foster and stole his motor car after being allowed to test-drive the vehicle on Tuesday.

The car, a 2011 Toyota Isis, was stolen from Foster's Waterloo, St. Andrew home shortly after 7 p.m.

The chassis number is ZGM10 0026667.

Our news team was told that the scoundrel contacted Foster at 6 p.m. an advised him that he was on his way from St Mary to view the motor car. He showed up at Foster's home minutes after 7 p.m.


Not licensed


"It was three of them, they parked at my gate. I couldn't actually see the car they travelled in. Two walked in and one walked in after. Myself and my brother was here at the time ... I gave my brother the keys and told him to start the vehicle for them. It had no license plate because it not licensed so I told them I don't want it to go on the road."

Foster said that one of the men produced a license plate and put it on the vehicle.

"Him say him just going up there and I said make sure you remain on the avenue. He got in the vehicle and my brother got in there beside him. I then said to my brother that the car might not have enough gas to go very far so in case it run out come and get a bottle to buy gas. My brother then came out the car. I was not even convinced it had enough gas to even come off the avenue. It was when my brother left the car to get the bottle that he just drove off and the other two went to the gate and jump in there car and drive off," Foster told THE STAR.

When THE STAR contacted the Half-Way-Tree police, an officer confirmed the incident and said an investigation was underway.

"There is a process and we are trying to track the phone call he got through our cyber forensic department. We are also trying to obtain surveillance footage from the area. We know the Canadian embassy has a camera and we are trying to locate other areas," the detective told our news team.

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