Phone thief sentenced to hard labour in prison

January 23, 2017

A young man will be spending the next six months in prison and another is out on a suspended nine months' sentence after they held up and robbed a Jamaica Urban Transit bus driver in downtown Kingston.

They are Brandon Davis, 18, and Nicholas Berry, 22. They pleaded guilty to robbing the driver of his Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone valued at $24,000.

Reports are that on November 23, 2016, about 1 p.m., the complainant was walking along Heywood Street in downtown Kingston when the two young men walked up and blocked his path. They proceeded to ask him where he was from and then demanded to see his cell phone. When he resisted, one shouted, "Nuh mek me shoot you inna you face; gimme you phone!"

Fearing for his life, the complainant handed over his phone to one of the young men, and the other demanded $1,000. But, unknown to them, a plain-clothes policeman was conducting personal business in a wholesale nearby and witnessed what was transpiring.

The officer grabbed one of the robbers then called another officer to assist. Both men were taken to the police station and charged.

Following a social enquiry report, it was revealed in court that 18-year-old Davis was a known troublemaker in his community and had been previously convicted. The judge said those factors forced her to impose a prison sentence.

Berry was given a nine-month sentence, which is suspended for three years. This means he will have to serve the nine months if he is found guilty of an indictable crime in the next three years. Berry does not have any previous convictions and has promised to enroll in a learning institution.

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