Twin sisters jailed for allegedly running prostitution ring

January 23, 2017

A set of female twins is now in custody on prostitution-related charges. They were alleged to be running an illegal massage parlour and a website recruiting women to work as escorts.

Mellison and Allison Nembhard, both 28, of Kingston addresses, were charged with soliciting for immoral purposes, and living off the earnings of prostitution. Their attorney denied the allegations while representing them in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish court on Friday.

Allegations are that on January 6, the police received a tip, and visited a premises on Highland Drive where some women were seen allegedly using the premises as an illegal massage parlour. The police interviewed them, and they indicated that they were attracted to the venue by a website soliciting escorts.

Further investigations revealed that the business and website were being operated by the Nembhard  twins, and they were arrested and charged.

The women, who have been in custody since their arrests, have been remanded. The police opposed bail saying it would impede their investigations as the twins could easily remove the evidence from the website they used to recruit escorts.

However, their attorney claimed the allegations are unfounded, explaining that his clients were not living off the earnings of prostitution as they are gainfully employed as freelancers and virtual assistants on a website.

He went on to claim that his clients were being unfairly treated.

“The police could have taken whatever evidence they wanted from the website by copying it in a matter of seconds. I does not take weeks. It’s just to spite them and put them under pressure,” the attorney claimed.

However, the presiding judge Andrea Collins did not grant bail to the women, and they were remanded until today when they will reappear in court.


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