Pastor wrecked my life - Clergyman accused of dumping married lover after getting her pregnant

January 24, 2017

Another Jamaican pastor has been flung into the ongoing saga of sex scandals in the church. A married Singaporean woman has accused a reverend of wrecking her life by coercing her into a sexual relationship, then forcing her to abort their child.

The reverend, who is attached to the United Church of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, is currently ministering in the United Kingdom. When THE STAR contacted him regarding the allegations, he begged for 24 hours to compose a response.

"I neither confirm or deny the allegations," said the reverend, who has been on leave as a minister in the United Church for the past 15 years, but has been serving as a pastor in another denomination overseas.

"The matter is a personal matter, I am in discussions with my church," he told THE STAR yesterday.

The United Church's general secretary in Jamaica, the Reverend Norbert Stephens, told THE STAR that a committee has been established to investigate the allegations against the minister.

A decision on his membership could come as early as next week.


Attempted suicide


"I think there's pain. It's sadness," Stephens said in commenting on how the church feels about the allegations. "We have tried very hard as a church to ensure that our ministers are held to a high standard," he said.

According to the Singaporean woman, who is also a Hindu, the clergyman at the centre of the investigation shattered her life to the point that she attempted suicide, and was admitted in hospital for almost a week. She added that she is suffering from a pituitary gland tumour, and the stress of the station is exacerbating her condition.

"I lost everything, my husband, my two babies, my mother doesn't talk to me, my health is getting worse because of the stress, and he [the reverend] doesn't lose anything after what he has done to me," the woman lamented.

She said that she wants the reverend to be stripped of his title so that he does not use his position to gain other women's trust.

... He needs to be unmasked

Two years ago when Singaporean Pamela* met a Jamaican minister of the gospel, she thought he was a godsend and found him irrestible. She told THE STAR that he began flirting with her, until it turned into a serious relationship. Despite the fact they were both married, the woman was twice impregnated by the pastor.

In an interview with THE STAR, the woman said that she suffered a miscarriage on the first occasion, and that he forced her to abort the second pregnancy, saying he would not take care of the child if her health fails.

The woman also told THE STAR that the relationship, which started in 2015, continued to the point where the reverend convinced her to leave her husband and claimed he would also leave his wife, who was living in the UK at the time, so that they could start a life together.


Leave his wife


The woman admitted that she knew the relationship was wrong and she tried to end it several times, but the reverend pushed and begged for it to continue, assuring her that he would leave his wife.

She said she turned her back on her husband and family, believing she found true love in a man of God, but was left stunned last month when the reverend suddenly told her he has mended things with his wife and wishes to discontinue the relationship.

"I want justice and seek the church's leaders and board members' mercy and understanding of my plight to correct the wrong done to me," the woman said.

"He was just using me to satisfy his sexual needs and to toss me aside, while maintaining a godly appearance. He needs to be unmasked for who he really is."

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