Mom fights daughter with obeah oil , urine - alleges mom's involvement in evil 'science'

January 26, 2017

Following THE STAR’s publication on January 6 highlighting the plight of Eula Brown*, an elderly woman who was begging authorities to intervene quickly after her daughter had erected a wall blocking her from the house they shared, the daughter has come forward to explain her side.

Mary Johnson* said she erected the 10-foot structure last December to separate her side of the house from Brown’s section because of her mother's constant obsession with obeah.

“Some time ago I spoke out publicly about her involvement in obeah. She then went to a popular drug store and bought something labelled, 'shut your mouth.' She used this to splash on my doors,” Johnson told THE STAR.

The 64-year-old Brown had claimed she could not enter her side of the house to get her medication for her hypertension, and that she was ‘cotching’ with a friend whom she is greatly inconveniencing.

However Johnson said her mother has three entrances at the back of the house and she [Johnson] even offered to cut a front entrance on Brown’s side of the house, but Brown refused it.

“Eula claims she is old, and hypertensive which is true.  She uses this conveniently to win the sympathies of everyone.  Her actions and utterances belie this fact,” Johnson said.

The daughter went on to explain that she has been facing various attacks from her mother over the years because she refused to condone or join her obeah rituals.

“She [Brown] used her own stale urine mixed with other substances to clean the bathroom, the veranda, the steps, claiming she is running duppy, and regularly tamper with the locks on the grill making it difficult for them to be opened freely. She was seen on several occasions, rubbing and spraying, and splashing oily substances on doors,” Johnson shared.

Johnson said it has been extremely difficult living with her mother who constantly burns unknown substances in her room which cause sinus irritation and headaches. She said he mother is also a nuisance to neighbours, as she constantly scatters dog faeces and garbage at their windows.

The frustrated daughter said at one point, the attacks got so intense that she had to leave the house that she jointly bought with her mother in 1999 and live in a rented house.

However, Johnson said she recently returned to the property and the unusual onslaughts have continued, accompanied by intense verbal attacks, which she said she tried hard to ignore.

“Things came to a head on Friday, December 2, when upon examining my car a mixture of oil and stale urine was seen all over, on the wheels, the headlamps, the bonnet, and roof,” Johnson said, adding that neighbours told her that Brown did it.

She said an altercation ensued and when the police were called in, a lawman suggested that they build a wall since they cannot live peacefully. She said Brown welcomed the idea but changed her mind during the middle of construction.

Brown is currently seeking relief in court. However, she said it is a slow process. She further said her daughter is telling pure lies on her about being involved in obeah.


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