Manchester youngsters build house for elderly woman

January 27, 2017
Lorenzo Vassel, former president of the Christiana Police Youth Club, points to a house that is being constructed in Devon, Manchester for Girly Smith.
An old stove and other kitcher ware that were in the old house once occupied by Girly Smith.
In this older photo, Miss Girly looks out from the door of her broken down house.


Work to rebuild a house for an elderly Manchester woman, who had to crawl from the rubble when the shack she was living in collapsed on her two years ago, is well under way.

Girly Smith had been living by herself for more than 25 years since the passing of her husband. She was rescued by members of her community of Devon, which is about three miles from Christiana. On a Sunday afternoon in June of 2015, the dilapidated shack she was living in caved in on her.

"We have to go and help har out from the bruk down house di day," said an elderly woman told THE WEEKEND STAR, who assumed the role of caretaker for Smith.

"Mi kids are big now and live all over the world so mi have the space so mi nuh have nuh problem keeping har."

The caregiver said that the house had rotted so bad that Smith,87, was virtually sleeping on the bare earth.

The Christiana Police Youth Club heard about the incident and decided to reach out.

"Our aim is to foster a better relationship with communities, so we decided to undertake several community projects to help out the most needed. Miss Girly was one of those persons," former president of the Christiana Police Youth club Lorenzo Vessel said.


Project delayed


Vassel, who was president when the mission rebuild the house started, said that he and other members of the youth club reached out to politicians and businesses in the surrounding communicaties to source funds for the projects, but nimble fingers of thieves in the community caused the project to delay.

"We got money from the member of parliament and business entities in the area, but the sad thing about it is that people steal the blocks and other materials that we had to complete the house," Vassel said.

According to Vassel, the project, which restarted last Saturday, is expected to be completed by the end of February. He said that even after the completion, the police youth club will continue to assist Smith.

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