Teen executed, body dumped in rubbish heap

January 27, 2017
Roshane Smith's mother console her daughter who is overcome with emotions after seeing the body of her murdered 13 year old brother on Eve Lane Kingston yesterday.


The body of a 13-year-old boy was pulled from a rubbish heap on Eve Lane near the National Heroes Circle yesterday.

The boy, Roshane Smith, would have celebrated his 14th birthday on January 30.

The Ministry of Education yesterday said that he is a Grade eight student, from the Denham Town High School.

"A yesterday mi see him. A baby that, why dem do the youth so? Dat nuh right. Mi feel it. Me afi go protect my own dem cause mi couldn't stand up here like Fishy (Rushane's mother) and watch that. She strong," one looker commented.

Roshane's mother, who showed little sign of emotion, tried her best to console her other children who gathered at the scene to see their deceased sibling.

Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid has expressed sadness at the loss of another young life and extended condolences to Roshane's immediate family and members of the school community, especially to his classmates.

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