Woman's front teeth knocked out by block - ex-lover charged

January 28, 2017
File Cement block


An ex-security guard has found himself on 'rocky' ground after he was charged with allegedly using a piece of block to knock out his ex-lover's three front teeth.

Barrington Bodden, 58, of Kingston 11, pleaded not guilty to the charge of assault occasioning bodily harm, and is set to face trial in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on March 9.

The complainant in the matter is Bodden's lover for 10 years. B the relationship ended over a year ago.


Ignored him


Allegations are that on December 31, 2016, at about 3 p.m., the woman was walking along Maple View Road, in Kingston, when Bodden called to her.

But she ignored him and continued walking.

He reportedly caught up to her, grabbed her in the chest and threw his drink in her face, after which a tussle ensued between the two.

A vendor who was nearby reportedly threw a piece of yam at the accused man and he released the complainant, who then ran off.

It is further reported that Bodden pursued her and threw a piece of block which was laying on the sidewalk, hitting her in her face.

She was treated at the Kingston Public Hospital for her three missing teeth, and a busted lip.

Bodden's bail was extended until the matter goes to trial.

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