Job seekers swarm interview session in Clarendon

January 31, 2017
A crowd gathers outside Nation's Choice Meat Limited looking jobs in Toll Gate, Clarendon.

The high unemployment rate showed its ugly face in Clarendon on Thursday when more than 100 job seekers swarmed a meat-distributing company’s interviewing session at its new storage facility in the parish.
The job seekers, some travelling from neighbouring parishes, dressed in their business attire and with their qualifications neatly organised in folders, gathered at Nation’s Choice Limited’s new storage facility in the community of Toll Gate.
They gazed desperately at the huge black gate which separated them from the dominating thought in their minds landing a job.
A security guard was charged with reading the names of those who were lucky enough to get wind of the 25 vacant spots before the day of the interview and were able to apply.
Natoya McKay, a 30-year-old single mother, told THE STAR that she had only heard about the job vacancy early that morning.
“A family friend told me this morning,” McKay said. “People cyah live without a job. We waan food and have kids to send to school. The Government needs to do better.”
McKay was one of the many job seekers who did not apply for the jobs.
Jodi-Ann Brown, a 20-year-old who had to suspend her studies due to financial difficulties, said she heard about the jobs through her councillor.
“I know the councillor’s wife and they told me about it and I applied,” Brown said. “I don’t even know what type of work, but I need something to do until I am able to go back to school.”
Oral Bennett, the project manager charged with ensuring that the facility opens by its end of February deadline, said that they were looking for persons to operate the facility.
“We want people to operate the freezer and deal with the in and out of products,” Bennett explained.
He said that the company was looking for about 25 persons to work in the facility.
“We want drivers, persons to work the forklifts, persons to work in the offices, and persons to load and offload the containers,” Bennett said.
Nation’s Choice is a Jamaican company with its head office in St Ann. It started operations in 2009.


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