Retired nurse wants justice ... Barbadian employer refuses to pay her

January 31, 2017

A retired St Ann nurse is crying foul as she was denied full payment for working in a nursing home in Barbados.

Monica Graham, 60, told THE STAR that she quit the job because it was taking a toll on her physical health.

"I had to lift men who were over six feet tall and weighed over 200 pounds," Graham said. "I decided to leave because I had a back strain and she [employer] wasn't listening to my complaints."

After Graham walked off the job, she had problems securing the money she had agreed to work for.

"Eventually what happened is that she came with a cheque and the figures were not right. So I asked her to change it, and she grabbed it from my hands and say that she was going to the Labour Office," Graham said.


Didn't have work permit


According to Graham, she didn't have a permit to work in Barbados because she didn't plan to work.

She said she went there in July to visit her stepmother who is Barbadian and was begged to work at the nursing home because of her experience in nursing.

"So because I wasn't seeking to work and she forced me, I decided to go to the Labour Office to tell my side of the story," she said.

But at the Barbadian Labour Office, Graham's former employer was a no-show.

"She didn't show up so I reported her and they said what she did was wrong," Graham recalled. "They told me that they would get in touch with her and make her pay so I waited in Barbados for an additional week but she didn't turn up so I came home."

Graham said that the labour office assured her that they will ensure that her former employer pays her the money she had agreed to work for.

"I asked a bearer to collect the cheque for me and send it to Jamaica, but when the cheque came it bounced," Graham said.

She said she is planning to file a lawsuit against her former employer.

"It is not about the money, it is principle," Graham said.

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