Seventh 'Ski-Mask' gang member killed

February 01, 2017
In this September 2007 file photo, policemen attached to the Montego Bay Police prepare to enter the community of Flanker, a hotbed of violence for many years.


A seventh member of the 'Ski-Mask' gang has been killed by the police, and the lawmen have made a call for two of the remaining gangsters to surrender.

Jermaine Samuels, otherwise called 'Badbwoy', who the police said is the third-ranked member of the Ski-Mask criminal gang, was fatally shot during a confrontation with the police in Settlement district, Old Harbour Bay in St Catherine on Monday.

In mid-January, six persons, were killed in a shoot-out with members of the security forces.

The Ski-Mask criminal gang operates out of Barrett Town, St James, and is responsible for numerous murders, shootings, rapes, and other crimes committed in western Jamaica. Samuels had fled the community following the death of the gang's reputed leader Oswyn Jarrett, otherwise 'Ski-Mask', along with five other members.

The lawmen are urging other members of the gang, namely Marlon McIntosh, otherwise called 'Pinky' and Robert Miller, otherwise called 'Robbie' or 'Dust', to turn, themselves in to the Freeport police by this afternoon.

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