Hope for St Andrew farmers

February 03, 2017
Member of Parliament for East Rural St Andrew, Juliet Holness (second left), and Principal Director of Field Services, Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), Winston Simpson (left), hand over a Nubian Boer goat to Carlos Williams (third left) of Penfield in Gordon Town during a recent ceremony to deliver agricultural materials to farmers through the AgriHope programme, at RADA's head office in St Andrew. At right is Extension Officer Michael Baker.

Farmers in East Rural St Andrew were the recent recipients of agricultural materials through the AgriHope programme in their constituency, which is supported by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).

Irish potato seeds, strawberry plants, farming tools and four Nubian Boer goats were handed over to the farmers, through the programme, by Member of Parliament Juliet Holness.

She said with the assistance of RADA, the farmers' production will be monitored to ensure that suitable markets can be arranged in time for harvest, adding that hoteliers have already indicated interest in strawberries produced in the area.

Holness further indicated that the AgriHope programme has been offering training in farming techniques and best practices to farmers in the constituency. Training sessions are held with recipients before items are distributed, she indicated.

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