After finding donor - Woman seeks help to do kidney transplant

February 06, 2017
Jacqueline Hill
Jacqueline Hill
Jacqueline Hill shows her scars.


After seven years of dialysis treatment, in 2013 Jacqueline Hill finally found someone who was willing to donate one of her kidneys.

Beaming with a new sense of hope, Hill and the kidney donor, who she refers to as her 'God sent sister' Juvel Morris, embarked on raising the US$250,000 (J$32,237,500) required to have the kidney transplant done in the United States.

"We decided to put on a concert, but we only raised $1 million because the concert wasn't well supported," Hill said.

She told THE STAR she and Morris organised several 'Fish Frys', but they were still unable to raise the required amount of money.

After being disappointed several times, the 36-year-old native of Portland said sometimes she thinks she is going to die before she is able to do the transplant.

"When you are doing dialysis treatment, there are some days when you would turn up at the hospital and you learn that the person who used to be treated next to you has died," Hill said.

Throughout the ups and the downs, however, Morris remained committed to helping relieve Hill of her miseries.

"I used to go with her to the hospital, and you know just being by her side and seeing what she had to go through, it was difficult for me to watch her go through that," Morris said.

"Basically, what happened was that I was trying to give back because God has done so much for me. To see that someone can be helped in such a way and have a normal life again and it wouldn't be somewhat of a big risk to me, so I made the decision that I wanted to help."

With her health deteriorating, Hill says she is desperately seeking assistance to do the surgery locally or overseas.

Persons wishing to assist Hill may donate to Scotiabank account number 813632. The name on the account is 'Jackie Kidney Transplant Fund'.

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